About Me: Fitness, Nutrition, and the Fate of SweetPeaCurli

Hello, readers. Or, rather, potential readers. Hopefully, there will be a few of you. At least two. Maybe three? I’m feeling ambitious today. Let’s hope for three.

This is the first post on Medium from this account. It is a beginning. While there is plenty I’ve published over many years of writing, all of it has either disappeared into the land of ended domains or is written under a pseudonym I’m not yet ready to take public.

So, here we are, and we’re starting off with some rambling, which is fairly typical of my writing when I’m attempting to write about myself. It’s not an easy task! Give me a good PubMed article to dissect or a nutritional strategy to describe, and I’ll write an easily digestible and entertaining piece with ease. Ask me to talk about myself and my brain goes blank.

I don’t know, I’m… human? Mostly normal, in that I have a lot of problems and idiosyncrasies and I fully believe that’s a normal thing?

I’m also someone who loves to write, and who doesn’t do well when given a long stretch of time in which there’s nothing to do. As has been the case for many people, I have been at home for a few months now. My layoff occurred sooner than most; I was “lucky” enough to be let go in mid-February, so by the time unemployment claims surged mine was already sorted. Hooray?

Since then, while looking for work, I’ve found ways to stay occupied. I renewed interests that I had let slide for the past eight years or so. Life happened and other priorities intervened. It hasn’t been until now that I’ve had time and energy to devote to myself as I once did.

Under “sweetpeacurli” and “Sweetpeacurli’s Silly Little Site,” I used to write about curly hair care. This evolved as my interests did, with nutrition and fitness taking priority over time. In 2012, regrettably, I let the domain for Sweetpeacurli’s Silly Little Site slide. I suppose it’s for the best, though. I’ve changed greatly over the past eight years. I cringe to think of running a site with that name now! I am far happier simply writing under my own name about the things that I love. (This is my attempt to convince myself and you that I don’t mind at all that the entirety of the site’s content is now completely lost, never to be seen again. Is it working?)

Plus, Medium is now available, which is far easier anyway. I will use this space to write about nutrition, fitness, and curly hair care as I once did on my own site, and I’m excited to start doing so. I hope all three of you who might read this will click “follow” and come along with me for the ride.

Spoiler: During the eight years when I didn’t feel I had the luxury of taking care of myself, I was not operating at optimal health. In the past year, I’ve regained a lot of physical strength and control over my nutritional intake. It was not easy. I look forward to sharing the strategies I learned and adopted. It was, in essence, a journey back to recognizing that I deserved to be taken care of and was capable of doing it for myself.

As part of this newfound realization that I am worthy of forms of self-care that hold longer-term benefits, I’m also enjoying my attempts to remember the curly hair care strategies that once worked so well for me. You can find my successes and failures on that front on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/healthy.curls/.




Nutrition, fitness, and curly hair care enthusiast. Writing about curly hair since 2003. Message me for collaborations. P.S. I was sweetpeacurli.

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Jordana Estner

Jordana Estner

Nutrition, fitness, and curly hair care enthusiast. Writing about curly hair since 2003. Message me for collaborations. P.S. I was sweetpeacurli.

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